Giants (series) – James P. Hogan

After completing the Vorkosigan saga I set out to find another series to get through. A colleague recommended the James P. Hogan. It’s more sci-fi than space opera, but 12 chapters into the first book I can say that I’m hooked.

It’s like a book on how to troubleshoot complex scenario’s with little information.


Välkommen till våran ö,sluta tänk på regn och snö.

Sola bada och ha kul

med Suntrip över jul!
Om du vill ha nattklubbssväng,

häng då med i Gabbes gäng.

Gå på disco rulla hatt

med Suntrip varje natt!
Lasse sköter kroppen din,

gör så att din form e fin.

Jogga, simma och må bra

med Suntrip varje da’ 

Sorting 2 Metric Tons of Lego · Jacques Mattheij

And so, the adventure started. In the middle of picking up the lots of lego my van got stolen so we had to make do with an elderly espace, one lot was so large it took 3 trips to pick it all up. By the time it was done a regular garage was stacked top-to-bottom with crates and boxes of lego. Sorting this manually was never going to work, some trial bits were sorted and by my reckoning it would take several life times to get that all organized.

Source: Sorting 2 Metric Tons of Lego · Jacques Mattheij